Trail Race and Navigational Challenge

MAY 20, 2017



         The Trail Race is now an option for everyone instead of being mandatory.  You will get bonus      points for it if you  complete the Trail Race portion but if you are on the Mad Otter (6 or 12 hour), you can skip the Trail Race and just  start with Stage 2.   Also, the trail Race will be closer to 10k and not 15k as previously advertised.

The Mad Otter 

is a hybrid of a Cross Country Orienteering Race and Longer Distance Navigation races and also has a Trail Race in it that can be included in the Mad Otter or run independently.    Call it what you want but one thing is for sure,  The Mad Otter is a fun yet, challenging Navigational race around Otter Creek Park that will leave your head spinning with all the choices.  The object is to obtain as many points as possible in the time frame given.

Trail Race (10k)

You can compete on the Trail Race independently of the Mad Otter.   Even if you are signed up as a team on the Mad Otter, you can break away if you are faster.  All times on the Trail Race are calculated as solo.  No navigational experience is needed on the trail race as the course is marked.  You can, however take shortcuts if you want to.    Awards will be given to Solo finishers regardless if signed up on the Mad Otter or not.


The main tools used in this competition are the Map and a compass.  The Map is a specialized Orienteering Map which was originally created in the Mid 90s.   Over half of the Map has been updated from 2015 to the present.  If you are familiar with Orienteering Map Symbology, you should easily read this map.     You are responsible for knowing the symbols as they descriptions are in International  Orienteering Symbol Language.   During Registration you will be given the option of the Map, Orienteering Symbols and Map symbols being mailed to you so that you can review everything ahead of time.


Otter Creek is mostly Karst Terrain so expect caves and large depressions and Pits.   It is mostly flat since it sits on a plateau but has large hills and cliffs going to down to Otter Creek and the Ohio River.  Beware of Dangerous Cliffs!


Teams can be made up of from 2-4 competitors.  Solo Competitors are also welcome

Format Details (Mad Otter) 

All competitors are given 2 or 3 large format 1:10:000 maps.     The final Map is used by everyone and has the Rogaine portion (Stage 5).   You can choose between the 6 Hour time limit or the 12 Hour time limit on the Mad Otter.  

6 HOUR TEAMS :   At Check in, you will be given 2 Maps with Stage 2, 3 and 5 on it.   Stage 1 is a Trail Race and if you complete that stage, you will be given 25 bonus points but Stage 1 is NOT mandatory.     If you choose not to go on the Trail Race, you can skip right to Stage 2. You must complete Stage 2 (Long Orange Course) in Control Point order to either go on to Stage 3 or Stage 5.       There are 48 CPs out there on the Stage 5 Rogaine portion and they are point weighted according to difficulty and distance from the Start.  You may get them in any order.

12 HOUR TEAMS:  Identical to description for the 6 Hour with the following differences:    You have to complete Stage 2 and 3 to be eligible for any award.  Stage 1, 4 and 5 are optional.

Point System (Estimated)

Stage 1:    Trail Race   25 Points

Stage 2:    1 point per CP   +   5 pt bonus for slide run  + 30 point completion bonus.

Stage 3:    1 point per CP  +  50 Point completion bonus

Stage 4:    1 point per CP +  100 Point Completion bonus

Stage 5:    1-5 Points each depending on the value given (48 CPs)

With the 6 Hour option you only have to complete Stage 2 to move on to Stage 5

With the 12 Hour option you only have to complete Stage 2 and 3 to move on to Stage 5

Total Points possible for 6 hour limit is approx 300*

Total Points possible for 12 hour limit is approx 425*

*Exact totals will be given just before the Meet


All 4 courses  roughly conform to International Orienteering Standards and can be defined as the following:

Please check the International Orienteering Course standards for Length and climb for each of these.  

STAGE 1 =  Pink Course

STAGE 2 =  Long Orange

STAGE 3 = Long Green

STAGE 4 = Long Blue

STAGE 5 = 48 Control Points throughout the park Point Weighted controls.

Competition awards and categories

Veterans (Age 50 and Over) 

Classic (Under age 50)


Solo Male                                        

Solo Female

Co-Ed Team

Women Team

Men Team

Awards for the following Courses in each Category:

STAGE 1 (All Solo Competitors including those just signed up for Trail Race)

STAGE 2 (6 Hour Competitors only)

STAGE 3 (12 Hour Competitors Only)

STAGE 4 (12 Hour Competitors Only)

MAD OTTER  (6 and 12 Hour categories)

Recreational Courses

You do not have to enter the whole race if you do not have the time or the endurance.      You can sign up for your choice of Stage for $25 each or $20 for OUSA or OLOU Members.    Your Results will be posted in Recreational category only and not divided into categories.  They will be divided up by course.    No awards or door prizes.   You will be allowed to show up the day of the event for Recreational but we cannot guarantee maps or fingersticks unless you use the online system.


Early Registration fees are below.   Add $10 for registration after April 30th.  Subtract $5 for being an OUSA Member

$5 Fingerstick Rental 30 CP or 50 CP (limited supply of the higher capacity)

$5 Advanced Map copy on 8x11 paper plus control and map symbols on back 1:20000 mailed to you

$20 Recreational O Course (Your choice of course) 

$25 Recreational Rogaine (8 or less hours) 

$25 Trail Race

$45 6 Hour Mad Otter

$55 12 Mad Otter

*if you already own already own a fingerstick that holds only 30 points, you can use that as long as you are aware of your limits on the Rogaine.  You will not have any problems on Stages 1-4 with regards to the limit.

Important dates and Meet Schedule

APRIL 30th  

Early Registration without late fee ends


Registration Closes


5-9pm   Early Check in at Campground (We will be in one of the Cabins)


5-7am Registration at Pine Grove Shelter

7am Briefing

8am  Mass Start

2pm  6 Hour Finish

3pm  6 Hour Awards ceremony

8pm  12 Hour Finish

9pm  12 Hour Awards Ceremony


All points are tabulated electronically with Fingersticks.   This will allow for live and instant results.   Fingersticks either have 30 (SI-6) or 50 (SI-9) point capability.    We have  both  available for Rent.  If you feel like you will get more than 30 of the 50 points set out on Stage 5 Rogaine, then rent the higher capacity one.    Stage 1-4 only need the SI-6.   No Manual punching will be tabulated.   Don't lose your Fingerstick.  If rented out you will owe the club either $35 for the SI-6 or $50 for the SI-9 and you will also be DQed.


Advanced registration is Mandatory on the Mad Otter.  You can sign up on the day of the Meet for the Recreational but we might not get you started until after the 8am Mass Start.    The Early registration Deadline is APR 30.  The absolute deadline is MAY 18 at 1AM.    NOTE:  If you need to ask the meet director anything, waiting until the last 3 days to do so will not work.   He will most likely be setting controls out of Cell Phone range setting controls.   Call Early at 502-640-6861 (Bruce)


*All competitors if part of a team should stay close in contact with one another. (Voice and sight)

*No changing teams or categories once the deadline of 1am on Wed passes  without permission from Meet director.     If one or more of your teammates is a no show, as long as the makeup of your team fits than your team will not be affected.   However, if you are a 2 member male team and one does not show up, your team is DQed.   

*If you mispunch on any of Stage A-D, you are NOT DQed.  You have a chance to correct the mistake even if you have already downloaded your fingerstick.   If you choose not to correct the mistake, you could be DQed if it is on the Stage which is your mandatory minimum course requirement.   If it is not, then you can go on to the next stage and still be awarded one point for each control you punched, however you will not get any course completion bonuses.

*You can wear a GPS but not a graphical interface one.    Tracking is encouraged and we will feature route choices on the courses on Routegadget after the meet.

*You will lose 5 Points for every minute late starting when our official Race Clock ends.

*This is a Mass Start event.  You will not have to punch the Start control but will have to clear all fingersticks.   There will be more than 1 First Control.

*Your time ends when the last person in your group finishes and the last person should be the one with the fingerstick.   Do not hit the finish or download box until ALL teammates are present.

*If you lose your fingerstick,  you will be DQed.     Strap it to you hand!

*Required Equipment will be for Stage 5 only.  

*Be very aware of where you are and do not wander over onto private property or FT Knox land of Tanks.      The boundaries are all well marked so please be aware of where you are at all times

*There is a 5 Point Bonus for the Piomingo Slide this year which is on Stage 2.   Note that only one of your team members needs to go down the slide to get the bonus if you are part of a team.


All Competitors must carry a Cell Phone and a Whistle while on Stage 1-4.  A full list of equipment required for Stage 5  is below. With the exception of the 2 items mentioned above.   There are some very high cliffs out there so be careful please.   We will have a safety crew and search and rescue on stand by.    Please be back on time!   We do not want to send a search party out there.  If you know you are going to be late, please call one of the phone numbers provided.  Some of Otter Creek is in Cell phone deadzones.   Go up to the highest point you can to make calls.   



Extra Batteries

Small first aid kit

Where is Otter Creek Park?

The Park sits on the Ohio River between the town of Brandenberg and Muldraugh, KY next to Fort Knox.    Google Maps shows the correct location and directions. There is an entrance fee of $3 per car to enter the park.   The event takes place at Pine Grove Shelter.  Follow signs to the shelter.    There are Porta Potties only.   No plumbing at the Shelter.


Otter Creek Park have some cabins and beds available for rent.  These are for refurbished simple cabins with bunk beds with no plumbing or wood burning heat.  They are very affordable.     Please call them and reserve your cabin early.   Camping is also available in the Otter Creek Campground


Sadly there are not a lot of close by options for eating.    We are supplying some food but certainly not enough for a full meal.   Your best bet is to travel to either Corydon or Louisville..  Radcliff also has some options and that town is about 20 mins drive.

Meet hosted by Orienteering Louisville.    
Please email or call 502-640-6861 if you are experiencing any difficulty with signing up.

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